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Ever wondered what life would be like as a professional photographer?

Cloud9Projects has special access to one of Australia’s best landscape photographers.

He is very well recognized internationally and travelled across many continents including North and Central Americas, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Asia, all the time taking photographs of course.

Recently back from his trip in Bhutan, Adam Monk from Monk Art Photography, will share adventures about the peaceful, mountainous, devout, practical, kind lands of Bhutan. This special access is only for the Street Photography Games on the 19th and 20th of April, so please register for these days only.

Image Caption: This image is of a young woman who works for the local government of Punakha, she has a few minutes before her work day begins. She works in a 17th Century Dzong, she wears traditional Bhutanese dress and she is sending a text message on her iPhone 5

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