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Street Photography Game™

This event was originally designed to democratise photography, making it fun and accessible to everyone, including novice and amateur photographers. All forms of cameras are welcomed, including photos taken by smartphones. 


The idea behind the Street Photography Game™ is simple. We want to offer a platform for everyone to challenge their creative boundaries, explore local city environments and ultimately, have fun.

Street Photography Game Autumn
SPG Spring November 2015


Its finally here! After such a busy year Cloud9Projects would like to present the Street Photography Game - Spring Edition. 


This year we have decided to run the event twice in the same calender month, Click Here to Purchase Tickets.


Seats are strictly limited, so please secure your ticket!



Street Photography Game Autumn
SPG Spring November 2014


Another successful game with plenty of happy gamers. 


Special thanks to our sponsors and of course the volunteers for helping out and making the day run smoothly.


Stay tuned for the next game!!!


Major Sponsors:

Street Photography Game Autumn
Street Photography Game Summer
Street Photography Game Spring
SPG Autumn April 2014


Awesome turnout over the three days of the Fremantle Street Arts Festival. Players of all ages produced amazing creative photography for the vairous themes given. Check out each days creations and remember to rate your favourites!

Day 1 Game - 19th April 2014

Day 2 Game - 20th April 2014

Day 3 Game - 21st April 2014


The People's Choice Awards will be run over 2 weeks, and winner is annouced on the 9th May.


Major Sponosors:


SPG Summer 2013


Great time of the year to check out the streets and sights of Fremantle. Bring the camera and a keen idea for street photography. Remember to bring a twist of creativity and sense of adventure.


Major Sponsors:






Click the link to check out the Summer Collection.

SPG Spring 2013


What's the story, and where do you discover? For all lovers of streets and life. You don't have to be a professional to create art on life.


Major Sponsors:







Click the link to check out the Spring Collection.

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