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Our Story


Isolation & boredom can be detrimental to our health & happiness. The best way out is to keep ourselves engaged with people, things, and environment around us. How does one engage? Well, learn, share, and reach out. Keep ourselves curious, current, and connected. Soon enough you'd feel part of a community that is as curious as you are.


We are most creative when we are happy, or are we most happy when we are creative? Remember the joy and elation we feel when we first build that lego house, first cook that delicious pasta, or first mould that funny looking pig from clay? We want you to challenge your creative juice, laugh at your own creation, and share the joy around.



We create games and there are only players. Joyful, happy ones. There are no contests and there are no contestants. Even though there are winners, the key is always to have fun, have a great time with old friends and meet new ones. So come on out and join the fun.

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