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Snap up the challenge!

Musicians, alleyways and local haunts - nothing is safe from the camera in the Street Photography Game that will hit Fremantle later this month.

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone who just loves to take photos of anything and everything on a mobile phone, there will be something for everyone with any kind of camera as part of a street photography game hitting Fremantle later this month.

Created by Cloud9Projects, the street photography game has all players given a theme, in which they have to then go out and challenge their creativity to get the best shot possible.

Cloud9Projects director Frank Walsh said the winning pieces were judged by imagery composition, aesthetic value and storytelling. “There are always little surprises along the alleyways and throughout the Fremantle streets, providing many opportunities for tourists or even locals to explore and discover the different forms of art such as the street arts, graffiti, pop-up galleries, hidden boutiques, markets and the harbour, all of which makes for a fabulous backdrop for our games,” he said. “The game is meant for everyday people to enjoy easy, fun street photography, so if you like to be challenged creatively and are bored with the conventional photography competitions offered in the market, you would surely enjoy the challenge.”

This year’s event will run alongside the three-day Fremantle Street Arts Festival, which Mr Walsh said would provide even more opportunities for creativity.

The Street Photography Game will run on April 19, 20 and 21, with those eager to participate able to choose the day they want to play.

Visit for details or to register.

Images in the article provided by: Sheldon Bielarczyk, Leslie Ray, Timothy Ignatius, Nick McMahon

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