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Sandy Chong

May 2014
When did you first get into music?


There was a Chinese teacher in my primary school who encouraged me to sing. He was a good singer himself, always whistling and singing in the class. Always seem to be in a good mood when he sings.


His name is Mr. Lin. He changed my life when he picked me out of various kids to sing in a competition and I won over a national champion.

Where do you get you inspirations?


My inspirations come from travels, people whom I interact with, museums and arts I come across. Very often an unexpected moment, a story I read, poetry or just music I listened to.

What does “being creative” mean to you?


Being in element. Creating something from nothing. Being happy and free. Being a child again.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?


I try to share my inner most thoughts, observations, hopes with people. Also, to reach out and see who's out there whom my creation could connect with. Very often it's got to do with being childish again, being happy, and being hopeful.

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