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Nick McMahon

October 2015
Tell me about where you grew up, how and when you got into photographer?


Apart from spending my first few years in Mount Isa, a mining town in Queensland, I have grown up in Perth. I've always been interested in old cameras and polaroids, but never actually got into photography until early last year, when a friend sold me an old DSLR with a non-zoom 50mm lens. Even though I didn't know anything about using a DSLR, the photos really impressed me, so I did some night classes and read a heap of magazines, which can be great for getting new ideas. It wasn't look after that I walked into my first street photography game by luck!

What equipment are you using now and with what did you get started?


Currently I am using the Nikon D80, tokina 12-24, Nikkor55-200. And my first SLR was the Nikon FM2.


Image Caption: "Friendship - someday you would smile when you see this picture."


Image Caption: "Travel in fact cannot help us solve anything, but it may be like a catalyst, stimulating the cognitive, to himself, or to see things, then there are more possibilities."

Do you see moments of your personality reflected in your work?


Yes, I would definitely agree that my personality is reflected in my work. This photograph was captured during a period in my life of sadness.


Image Caption: "Park bench"

What are some of the most important lessons you have learned from shooting on the streets?


Street photography is an interesting community. The urban streets can provide many creative opportunities or description to everyone's work. Personally speaking, the most important thing street photography has taught me is how one can express something in creative way.


Image Caption: "Chinatown - Chinese New Year 2014"


Image Caption: "What are you looking for?"

What is your definition for a good moment in photography?


For me, a good moment means that you are close to what you think or feel with that image. That's my good moment.


Image Caption: "The Ultimate Selfie"

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