Featured Artist Series - Sandy Chong

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since our last post, but not to fear – we’ve been busy planning new game locations, interview local artists and growing the Cloud9Projects Team.

Our upcoming local feature artist is Sandy Chong - with over 4,400 Facebook likes, is an extremely talented artist. Grew up in Singapore, a lover of music since young, has competed in various singing competitions and performances since 6 years old.

Q. When did you first get into music?

A. There was a Chinese teacher in my primary school who encouraged me to sing. He was a good singer himself, always whistling and singing in the class. Always seem to be in a good mood when he sings. His name is Mr. Lin. He changed my life when he picked me out of various kids to sing in a competition and I won over a national champion.

Sandy Chong Homepage

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